Special Units

Special Units Statement


The center has a variety of objectives, such as:

-Working and promoting specialty training programs in many medical specialties for doctors employed by university hospitals, the doctors of the Ministry of Health, other organizations, and individuals in accordance with high standards.

-Working and marketing academic remote learning programs.

-Putting in place programs for continuing medical education in order to satisfy the anticipated demand for approved hours of CME.

-Establishing programs to educate and prepare educators in many medical fields.

-Conducting training programs to educate medical assistants and other team members about the technical, managerial, and ethical requirements of various medical specialties.

-Teaching doctors how to undertake in-depth analysis in a range of medical areas.

-Conducting training programs and offering technical consulting in accordance with the demands of international, service, and educational organizations

-Providing technical advice and running training programs in accordance with the requirements of international, governmental, and educational institutions in Egypt and throughout the world.

One of the most pressing needs in the Aswan Governorate is the Toxicology and Addiction Treatment Center. The organization aims to:

-Acute poisoning cases’ diagnosis and care.

-Treatment and diagnosis of cases of persistent poisoning.

-Monitoring cases of poisoning.

-Finding, treating, and monitoring addiction situations in all their manifestations.

-Clinical toxicology-related medical research.

-Monitoring the presence of certain medications in the blood of referred patients who are receiving treatment with dosages that are nearly toxic.

-Educating the public about the risks of addiction and poison use, how to avoid them, and the crucial first aid measures to take in poisoning instances.

The unit is already active and has performed numerous washing operations, including:

Severe Warning Signs:

-Acute renal damage that causes less urine to be generated and that does not improve with more fluid intake.


-Excessive bodily fluids that are resistant to diuretic treatment, pulmonary edema, or ascites are typically brought on by excessive fluid intake.

Chronic Symptoms:

-Symptoms of kidney failure.

-Dialysis is started earlier and the glomerular filtration rate is lower in diabetics.

-When the glomerular filtration rate is extremely low, it is difficult to treat excess fluid, potassium, and phosphorus.


The unit provides early tumor diagnosis and offers advice to those who refer them, both for free and for a fee. The most recent technology is present in the unit.

The unit, which will follow up on and treat cases of infertility, and conduct exams, ICSI, and IVF, is now being set up.

This unit, which is connected to the Department of Urology, performs dynamic examinations, urinary tests, and prostate exams in addition to fragmenting stones that have already begun to form.

For researchers inside and outside of the institution, the laboratory performs cutting-edge scientific research.


It consists of a unit for the college and another for university hospitals, and its goal is to provide infection control services to all departments of the college by establishing a mechanism and a working system, as well as forming teams to monitor infection and raise awareness of infection control standards, hand washing policy, disinfectant use, and medical waste disposal.


The center’s goal is to educate the community about the College of Medicine’s various activities by creating a website for the college, a Facebook page for social communication, and activating an office to market community services in the college to increase its own resources.

The unit’s goal is to provide all technological services, such as issuing cards and creating a database for academic staff, students, admin staff, and special units, as well as electronic payment of faculty salaries via ATM cards.

The center wants to work in collaboration with the local, regional, and global community to enhance the social and environmental services offered.