An Invitation to Publish Scientific Articles and Stories in Al Fetyan Arabian Scientific Journal 2023

The Central Administration for Educational Affairs (Public Administration for Education and Student Affairs) announced the writing in ”Al Fetyan Arabian Scientific Journal 2023”, It is worth noting that this magazine is semi-annual published by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Science (ALESCO) since 1997, through which ALESCO aims to spread culture and enhance scientific awareness among Arab boys from (14- 18) years.

In order to keep pace with the scientific and technological progress that the world is witnessing today, the organization’s science department is looking forward to proceeding with issuing the next two issues, 39 and 40, of the magazine during the year 2023.

On this occasion, the organization invites willing university professors, experts, media professionals, as well as talented young people with expertise in writing scientific articles and stories aimed at the age group (14-18) years, in exchange for a symbolic financial reward presented to the author of this approved work for publication in the magazine. For more information please click the following button.

About the Author

A specialist in teaching English Language at Aswan University
English Language Translator at IT Unit