The 5th Pediatrics Conference of Future Pediatrics Society in Collaboration Aswan Pediatrics Department

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On Wednesday corresponding to March 15, 2023, it has been launched The 5th Edition of the Pediatricians of Future Children Conference in Collaboration with Pediatrics Department at Aswan University under the auspiece of Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman-Aswan University President, Prof.Mohamed Zaki El-Dahshoury-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, under the name of:

“The Latest in Accurate Pediatric Specializations”.

Under the patronage of Prof. Essam Abul Magd – Director of the Surgery Hospital at the University Hospital and Head of the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department in Aswan Medicine, Prof. Mohamed Mustafa Hussein – Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs, and Prof. Ashraf Maabed – Executive Director of Aswan University Hospitals, under the supervision of Prof. Mahmoud Al-Mogy- President of the Conference and the Association of Future Pediatricians, Prof. Bahaa El-Hawary – Head of Aswan Pediatrics Department, in the presence of a group of doctors, academic staff and their assistants in the Pediatrics Department from various universities, headed by the gentlemen with extensive experience Prof. Osama Naga – Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Florida University – Texas, USA, and Prof. Tarek Barakat – Professor of Pediatrics, Mansoura University

The conference began with the Holy Quran verses, the national anthem, and the speech of Abu Al Majed-Director of the Surgery Hospital at the university hospital which confirmed the importance of holding and organizing the medical and scientific conferences, at Aswan government which is considered a global winter destination, within the framework of promoting the educational tourism and works on transferring educational, researching and medical experiences to the youth doctors; H.E. adding that the medical and academic conferences are considered the standards of classification that Aswan University obtained among the first global centers at the level of Egyptian and international universities.

”Mabad”-The Executive Manager of Aswan University Hospitals added that The 5th Edition of the Pediatricians of Future Children Conference in Collaboration with the Pediatrics Department at Aswan University will be held during the period from 15 to 18 March 2023  in one of the major hotels in Aswan. The conference will also host a group of pediatrics professors from Egyptian, Arab, and African universities, and from the United States of America, pointing out that the conference is held in cooperation between the Association of Future Pediatricians and the Pediatrics Department of the Faculty of Medicine- Aswan University.

“Al-Hawary,” Head of the Aswan Pediatrics Department emphasized the importance of holding scientific conferences that raise the skills of the pediatricians  at the University Hospital, which is witnessing remarkable development through the provision of medical staff, equipping the department with the latest medical devices, and working to increase the number of incubators to serve the people of Aswan and patients in the governorates

H.E. went on to say that the conference aims to scientifically and clinically develop the capabilities of young doctors while transferring experiences to young doctors in the same specialty and working to equip and provide them with medical expertise, as well as providing full opportunity for training through a global scientific program that cares about the needs of all levels of pediatricians, from junior deputy to senior professor, with fruitful and effective workshops, including those that will be conducted by the team of the Magdi Yacoub Center for Pediatric Intensive Care, with workshops on the most recent publications of medicine in the field of pediatric immunity, and others that include all aspects of pediatricians for training on the most recent findings of medicine in all fields to train focusing on the most latest discoveries of medicine in all accurate specialization in the pediatric department in the world in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

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