Master and Ph.D. Registration

Registration in Master and Ph.D. Degrees and Enrollment Terms

Enrollment is open on April and October 


  • Application form(department chairman approval).
  • Bachelor certificate including the applicant’s grade average and major.
  • Master certificate for doctorate applicants.
  • The Internship completion certificate.
  • Completion of residency period certificate.
  • Birth certificate or an official transcript of it.
  • A copy of the national ID.
  • The Military Status for males.
  • Workplace consent (university hospital manager)
  • The ministry of health consent (ministerial nomination)
  • employment status statement
  • A plastic file with a capsule.

For the doctors who aren’t residents or demonstrators, they must meet the following conditions:

  • Have at least one-year training in the same specialty in one of the recognized hospitals and centers.
  • The freelance physician may be enrolled in master studies in one of the clinical specialties provided that submitting the proof of the cancellation or completing the compulsory service and providing evidence that s/he is enrolled as a freelance physician in the medical syndicate during applying for admission in the graduate studies.
  • Meet the training terms mentioned in the aforementioned item.  If the applicant fail to meet the training term s/he shall submit the approval of the scientific department that is responsible for granting the degree to join the 12-month training after allowing the applicant to enter the degree’s second part’s exam.
  • Paying the tuition fees which is 2500 EGP. for master degree and 3000 for the doctoral degree in the identified date. The demonstrators and the assistant lecturers are excluded.
  • paying 50 EGP. for enrollment file.