Vice – Dean’s Speech

  The graduate studies and scientific research are the present industry of this nation, and its future, but the only way to meet the requirements of society and solve its problems, by combining all the efforts of future scientists and provide them with the weapon of science, knowledge, responsibility and hard work.

  The College’s Agency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research is one of the main pillars of the college, and therefore the university because of its lofty goal is to raise the intellectual and scientific level of students and postgraduate students taking into consideration that the college is keen to provide its various programs according to Standards for academic accreditation, local & global quality assurance.

  Therefore, the serious and genuine beginning of the College’s Agency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research must be burdened with research and educational responsibilities.

  Our mission is to ensure that the faculty members communicate their knowledge, skills, and experience in their field to their graduate students so that they take into consideration that during the course of the assessment we teach the students as much as we can and treat them as much as they can.

  Graduate students have the future of this college and must be equipped scientifically, practically, administratively and psychologically to carry the torch of the scientific renaissance in the coming years, God willing. For each researcher or supervisor of a scientific message, I hope that our research with a specific goal and a new idea resulting in knowledge or skill or technology is useful for modern science and patients and then facilitate publication in journals and journals of high value.

  The Faculty of Medicine for Postgraduate Studies carries out many tasks, foremost of which is the supervision of the assistants and the trainees and their training in many universities and advanced medical centers inside and outside the country. The Agency also supervises the scientific research activity at the college by providing all necessary means and providing an appropriate research environment for faculty members in the faculty.

  For those who return from scientific missions abroad, I hope that they will try to convey what they have learned to the next generations in a spirit of love and giving away from transcendence and appearance, and ask them to continue the same level of research they have published abroad and to seek as much as possible to form research teams and integrated workgroups capable of producing new ideas.

  Finally, I would like to thank the distinguished professors and arbitrators for their messages and scientific researches, to be ideals and scholars for researchers, to cultivate hope within them and to extract their best, taking into consideration their relatively different circumstances. Each generation has its own circumstances. But our students need us to support them.

  I ask God the Great Lord of the Throne to help all those who contributed or will contribute to the development of the work of the Agency and other agencies, units and other committees at the level of the College and the University.