Dean’s Speech

Speech by Professor Dean of the Faculty

My Dear Students 

We are pleased to present you with this guide, which contains all of the information a student needs regarding the college’s establishment, activities, and numerous departments, as well as the college’s regulations and study methods. We also present you with the college’s vision and objectives, as well as its responsibility to produce doctors with high-quality requirements capable of competing in the local, Arab, and international labor markets.

We also hope to accredit your beloved college for excellence as soon as possible, with everyone’s help, so that it can join the ranks of accredited universities nationally.

Finally, I wish you well in your studies and encourage you to work hard to become competent doctors who contribute to the growth of this country.

For our part, we will make every effort to overcome all of the challenges you face, and we are available at all times for debate and direct communication between us. You are our children and the delights of our souls, and we are all here to serve you.

May God grant you success and guide your steps.

Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Mohammad Zaki Al-Dahshouri