The Faculty Headquarters at Aswan AlGadeda

Faculty council No.54 Headed by Prof. Al-Dahshoury, June 2021

Activities of the seventh workshop, launched by Urology and Nephrology department

Launching the World Vein Week Events carried out by Vascular Surgery department at Faculty of Medicine

Monthly Scientific day of Urology department: New techniques in Flexible Ureteroscopes and laser in Treating Urolithiasis

Prof. Dahshori Inspects Alumni Exams, April Round 2021

Launch of the Student's Initiative " Our Health is Based on our Physical Activity

The Faculty Dean Honors Dr. Magda Gabry, Manager of the Faculty's Educational Development Program

3rd Edition of Scientific Writing and Publishing Course in the Presence of the Egyptian International Scientist Prof. Ahmed Shokeir

The Honoring Ceremony of Dr. Sayed Qenawy for the Production of the 1st Copy of his Book Mechanical Ventilation

Prof. Dahshory Stresses on the Significance of Scientific Research during a Meeting with the Faculty Students

3rd Annual International Conference of Neurology and Psychiatry Department

Scientific Writing and Publishing Course in the Presence of the Egyptian International Scientist Prof. Ahmed Shokeir

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Faculty of medicine is committed to providing a highly- qualified graduate who is capable of providing highly-elevated medical services and competing locally and regionally...

Providing a highly elevated medical education by which the faculty could present competitive health services and an esteemed scientific research taking into consideration...

Accrediting the strategic planning is the basis of administering the faculty. Promomting the capacities of the academic staff and the employees. Promoting the administrative..


July 25, 2021

Launching the medical convoy in Tanzania with performing 8 Surgeries

Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman _ Acting president of Aswan University, stated that completing to the university's service, educational, medical role...
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July 25, 2021

El-Tiri inspects Fourth year exams committees for 2020/2021

Faculty of Medicine witnesses holding the exams of Fourth year (Public Health and Community medicine subject) for the Academic year...
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July 22, 2021

Extracting strange body from patient’s esophagus in Aswan University hospital

Prof. Mohamed Zaki El-Dahshouri _Faculty of Medicine dean and chairman of board of directors, Aswan University president is working on...
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The Faculty Administration Celebrates Prof. Dahshori Appointment as the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine


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