Vice Dean’s Speech

 The Vice-Dean’s Speech:

The Graduate Studies are not only considered the formation of our nation present but they are also considered the only way to deal with the community requirements and its problems by the collaboration of future scientists equipped by science, knowledge, responsibility and hard working.

The Graduate Studies and scientific research sector is one of the elementary foundations to upgrade the faculty and the university which has a high aim to elevate the intellectual and scientific level of the Graduate Studies students, the faculty ensures on providing different programs according to academic standards to guarantee local and international quality.

So the serious and real beginning of the Graduate Studies sector has to be based on important educational research responsibilities.

Our message is conveying the teaching staff s’ knowledge, skills and experience to the graduate studies students.

The graduate studies students are the future of the faculty, so we hope that their theses have specific aim and new ideas to be useful to science and patients.

The Graduate Studies sector does a lot of functions, in particular, the supervision the assistant professors and emissions and to follow-up their training at many universities and advanced medical universities inside and outside home. It also supervises the activity of scientific research by providing all necessary means and convenient research environment to the teaching staff.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the supervising professors and the arbitrators of the theses and the scientific researchers who are considered the ideal of the researchers spreading the positive energy and hope, they should deal with their different circumstances to show them the right way and transcend them to the highest level. I appreciate all the exerted efforts of the teaching staff and I ask Allah to achieve their ambitions.