Urology and Nephrology

Brief about the department:

  • Urology and Nephrology department was launched since the hospital’s inauguration in 2013. Development in the department continued till it became one of the distinct departments in the university hospital and the faculty of medicine.
  • It is located in the 3rd floor, the western wing of the university hospital. It contains 5 rooms with 16 beds, 8 units. The outpatient clinic is located in the new clinics’ building that includes 2 clinics.
  • The department includes a selected group of professors, assistant professors, lecturers, assistant lectures and demonstrators as well as highly-trained resident doctors and nursing staff.
  • It offers medical services for emergency cases and complicated ones that are referred from the other hospitals and the surrounding countries where accurate diagnosis and modern techniques of curing are provided.

Mission & Goals

Research & Conferences

Future Goals