Orthopedics department started working as an independent department since Aswan university hospital’s inauguration in 2003. It underwent continuous development till it became a distinct department. It is located in the 3rd floor in the western wing of the university hospital. The outpatient clinic is located in  the new clinics building. Orthopedics department receives all cases of orthopedic surgery, fractures and playground injuries in addition to bearing the academic burdens. It provides treatment services which include emergent cases and complicated cases that are transferred from other hospitals or other countries as it provides an accurate diagnosis and correct medicine with up-to-date techniques under the supervision of a selected group of the medical cadre. The department aims at preparing a physician who has a considerable amount of medical information which help him to be versed in clinical signs of orthopedics and reaching to the diagnostic means to every disease and fracture.

The department seeks to achieve the actual connection between the doctor and the patient through complete respect to every patient regardless his social status, culture or religion.  It also aims at educating the principals of professional interaction between the doctor and his colleagues in the other specialties. Orthopedics department seeks to develop the ways of treatment and to be in line with all updates in this specialty.