Opening enrollment of incubators program for staff members


In frame of cooperation and coordination of higher education ministry, National bank of Egypt and Egypt bank for the deployment of scientific and study missions that will help to raise performance level and develop human capabilities, the Central administration of Missions announces opening enrollment of incubators program for staff members for the entities included in the missions plan from program and without bearing any expenses from university, it will be as following:

The aim of program:

To identify the mechanisms and management systems of incubators in American universities

Duration: 14 day

Host University: Maryland University at United States of America

Available specialization: Biotechnology – Science – Engineering – Biomedical –Management – ICT

The requirements that should be met:


  • The applicant must be from the academic staff of the American universities and the research centers listed in the mission plan.
  • the Curriculum vitae accredited by nominated party to include:

Distinctive scientific history and administrative experiences for research units

International and national patent with industrial entities, in consultative topics or developing patent and publication date

Participation in research projects

International Publishing List

Management experience and Preferably in the management of research systems to provide a preliminary presentation on the management of technological incubators.

  • A proposal of inception of technological incubators management at the university.
  • The last degree of the applicant (a copy of the original certificate stamped with the logo of the Republic(
  • An accredited data form from the employer in Arabic and English.
  • An approval from the employer from the vice president of graduate studies and research or equivalent in the research centers.
  • An accredited letter from the employer stating that there is a university plan for establishing technological incubators.
  • A copy of military service certificate stamped for males (identical copy) from the sending party.
  • A copy of National ID.
  • A copy of passport.

The announcement shall end on 18 July 2019.

Applicants can submit an application by clicking here.

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