First objective:

  • Promoting the faculty’s institutional capacity as one of the distinguished scientific centers in the field of academic education


Strategic Goals:


  • Update and follow up the implementation of the faculty’s strategic plan.
  • Develop the faculty’s organizational administrative structure.
  • Abide by professional ethics.
  • Upgrade the academic staff’s capacities, and develop approved policies for the faculty’s improvement.


Second Objective:

  • Preparing a distinct graduate in the field of medicine who is qualified for the labor market.


Strategic Goals:


    • Develop the academic programs and courses for undergraduates and graduates to comply with NARS.
    • Improve the available resources for teaching and learning and promote teaching and assessment methods.
    • Increase the effectiveness of the student support system and improve graduate services while adopting a continuing medical education program for them.

Third objective:


  • Raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the faculty as one of the distinguished research centers in the field of medicine.


Strategic Goals:

  • Developing the scientific research system in the faculty.


Fourth Objective:

  • To increase the faculty’s capacity to help in sustainable development, serve the community and develop the environment.

Strategic goals:

  • Improving the effectiveness of the faculty’s role in serving the community and providing high-quality care service for patients by maximizing the use of resources shared between the faculty and the university hospitals.