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Aswan University Hospital

A background of Aswan University Hospital                                                                             

Aswan University Hospital is the only hospital in Aswan which receives patients from all over the governorate and the surrounding governorates, since its transformation to a university hospital, the sections have been increased from 8 to 24 clinical sections in all the specializations that were not existed before.  And instead of transferring patients to Cairo or Assiut, now the patients can receive treatment in Aswan according to the statistics of the hospital emergency facilities, the patient transferring for receiving treatment out Aswan has been decreased less than   5%.

New departments

Existed departments

Neurosurgery department

Burns and Cosmetics department

Surgical Oncology department

Vascular Surgery department

Interventional Radiology department

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department

Neonatal Care Unit department

Spine Surgery department

Cardiac Catheterization department

CCU department

Operating Theaters department(10 rooms)

Critical Care department


Blood Bank


Autonomous building for out-patient clinics



The development of the departments which has not been developed yet is still going on   (Reception-Emergency –Orthopedic).

The role of University Hospital is not only the treatment of the local patients but also medical convoys serving the governorate and the surrounding cities.  

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