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The events of the first conference on Nephropathy, at Aswan University ended today, under the auspice of Prof./Ahmed Ghalab- University president with the cooperation of Mansoura Ghoniem center and the Egyptian Society of nephrology and with the partnership of Egyptian Universities, and the University president assured that the conference made a noticeable activity in the new unit of nephrology of Aswan University Hospital which includes 56 dialyzers.

Prof./Hala El Obaidi-Conference president added that the conference came up with a lot of commendations such as signing the cooperation protocol between Nephrology department of Aswan University and the nephrology center of Dr./ Mohammed Ghoniem in Mansoura to prepare a nephrology unit in Aswan and set a certain duration to prepare the human cadres and set a strategic plan to apply the cooperation protocol between the two parties, nephrology department's doctors have been trained to know what is new in nephrology and working on preparing new training workshops by attracting Egyptian and foreign specialists and doctors to operate gland operation next to thyroid gland in Aswan University Hospital in near future .


The events of the conference were ended by honoring the participants and on the top Dr./ Hussein Sheashaa-nephrology professor and Dr./ Ahmed Dina-nephrology unit's professor of Ghoniem Center.

The conference of the young researchers in Aswan University

The initiative of the high education to grant the professional staff graduate studies in the academic year of 2018/2019

The central administration for missions in the ministry of high education with the cooperation of the American

agency for the international improvement announces opening the registration for “The initiative of the high

education to grant the professional staff graduate studies”, according to the agreement No.(263-289) between

American agency for the international improvement and The central administration for missions in the ministry of

high education and the scientific research, and this agreement provides scholarships to raise the efficiency of (the

Egyptian government institutions, universities, research centers and certain places in the private sector) to

contribute to the national economic growth, and these scholarships available to the female and males and the


Get the book: How to write a medical article: Advice from an editor

The Administration of the faculty announced the availability of the book: How to write a medical article: Advice from an

.editor, to get the book, please go to the secretary office at Aswan University Hospital 

Events of the Otolaryngology

Events of the Otolaryngology department started today, at Aswan University Faculty of Medicine under the auspice of Prof./Ahmed Ghalab Mohammed-Aswan University President and under the supervision of Prof./Abd El Mateen Mousa-conference president, and many of professors and members of teaching staff lectured in the conference from different Egyptian Universities to serve graduate studies' students and Egyptian universities 'doctors. In the presence of:

-Prof./Hanan Abd El Menem-vice president of students and education affairs.

- Prof./ Ahmed Sayed Khalil- vice president of social service and environmental improvement.

- Prof./ Ayman Othman -vice president of graduate studies.

And top teaching staff and their assistants from different Egyptian Universities.

University President assured the importance of holding scientific and medical conferences which promote the tourism and evaluate the education and the president awarded Prof./Abd El Mateen Mousa University Shield appreciating his exerted efforts.


 Al Tahan added that a lot of different universities, scientific institutes, and the medical military academy participate in the conference, and the conference reflects new Otolaryngology surgeries such as cochlear implant and throat, head and neck surgery and middle ear surgeries.


Prof./Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Ismael-Vascular surgery department's chief of medicine faculty invites you to attend the annual conference of Vascular Surgery at Aswan University, with the partnership of Egyptian Society of Vascular surgery, at Steigenberger Hotel, Luxor and it will be held on the 21st to the 24th of February of 2018.

Invitation to attend the second international conference on tropical and Gastroenterology medicine

Under the auspice of Prof./ Ahmed Ghalab -University President and vice deans of Medicine faculty, under the supervision of Prof./ Ehab Fawzy Mostafa-president of the conference, tropical and Gastroenterology of Medicine faculty -Aswan University with the cooperation of Egyptian Committee for research and training in Hepatology and Gastroenterology medicine invite you to:

- (Ultrasound Waves) Workshop and it will be held on Wednesday the 7th of February of 2018, at lectures Hall-second floor-outpatient clinics of Aswan University Hospital.

-The Second International Conference entitled (the new in Hepatology and Gastroenterologymedicine) and it will be held at Aswan Movenpick Hotel on the 8th to the 9th of current February.

Main topics:

·       Recent Treatments of HCV and HBV.

·       Updates In HCC.

·       Recent Imaging Modalities in Liver Diseases Diagnosis.

·       Acid-Related Disorders & GERD.

·       Recent Trends in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

·       GI Endoscopy: Recent Therapeutic Modalities and Tips for ERCP Cannulation.

·       Current Infections Diseases in Egypt.


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