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In the frame of Aswan University efforts towards the Society and environmental improvement under the leadership of Prof./ Ahmed Ghalab Mohammed- University President, Aswan University and with the cooperation of Misr El -Kheir Foundation organized medical convoy includes (Surgery-Neonatal-Internal Medicine -Dermatology- Orthopedic-Obstetrics/Gynecology) specializations, it went to the Golden Triangle (Shalateen – Halai’b-Abu Ramad). The convoy took off in front of Aswan University Hospital, in the presence of Prof./Ahmed Ghalab Mohammed- University President, Prof./Ahmed Sayed Khalil-University vice president of Society Service and Environmental Improvement, Dr./Abdullah Al Obaidi-University Hospitals Director and Prof./Hussein Abd El Lateif-University General Secretary, the President reassured the importance of the medical convoy role specially in Shalateen and Halai’b areas. University vice president of Society Service and Environmental Improvement added that Society Service and Environmental Improvement sector performs the most important issues and provides positive solutions, University Hospitals director said that University President gave attention to the medical convoys and with his directions to prepare medical convoys of different specializations, participating doctors have been chosen and medical convoys have been equipped by necessary medications from Misr El Kheir Foundations.







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