Diagnostic Radiology

Brief about the Department


Diagnostic radiology department was established in the very beginning of the inauguration of the faculty of medicine in 2013. It was supplied by much support and advantages regarding qualified cadre and modern equipment.



It works around the clock all the week in the university hospital and provides the high-quality best care to the patients through modern technology in diagnosis.



  • Our professional staff is committed to providing complete care to the patients’ needs to keep safe environment in the university hospital.
  • It has a leading role in promoting scientific research in the favor of patients, employees and all society.



Department’s Values:


  • We provide different and vital training and research programs to all medical and technical staffs in their selected specialties in the field of radiology.
  • The service is provided all the week and when needed after working hours.
  • It aims at providing the highest-quality of medical and interventional radiology as well as creating and developing research programs and required training in the field of interventional radiology and medical imaging to the workers at Radiology department, medical cadre, nursing staff and medicine students.