Dermatology and Venereology



The Dermatology and Venereology Department in Aswan university hospital has the honor to provide Aswan people as well as Upper Egypt with its educational and treatment services. It granted several masters to Aswan physicians in order to promote its health service and provide physicians who are well prepared for practicing medicine and well versed in medical information as well as in line with the up-to-date means of treatment.

It is one of the most significant departments in the faculty of medicine and Aswan university hospital. It introduces distinguished educational service in both undergraduate and alumni stages by the support of the senior management in the faculty of medicine and Aswan University. The department provides high-quality specialized care to Aswan and upper Egyptian patients.



  The department’s vision is to be one of the most qualified departments in the field of specialized medical and treatment education in dermatological diseases through a high level of scientific and practical training and prepare the section by the developed equipment.



 The department seeks to introduce featured academic programs and prepare high-quality academic staff and researchers. It aims at providing distinct specialized medical services.



  • Provide the student with an elevated level of scientific and practical experience.
  • Develop the faculty courses to be in line with their international counterparts.
  • Provide distinguished diagnostic services.
  • Enhance scientific knowledge by doing scientific research.
  • Provide precise and modern information and studies for the department’s medical and educational cadre.
  • Prepare national cadre through the postgraduate students.
  • Holding scientific conferences.