A Workshop on the Basics of Diagnostic and Surgical Gynecological Laparoscopy

Today corresponding to 13th Feb.2020 a workshop entitled ” the Basics on Diagnostic and Surgical Gynecological Laparoscopy” was held in the obstetrics department and will continue till tomorrow. The workshop was held under the patronage of Aswan university president Prof. Ahmed Ghallab, the dean of the faculty of medicine, Prof. Mohammed Zaki Al Dahshori as well as the general manager of Aswan university hospitals Prof. Abd Allah Al Ebeidy and under the supervision of Prof. Abdo Saieed Ayat Allah, Prof. of obstetrics, Sohag university and the scientific supervisor on obstetrics department, Aswan university and the chairman of obstetrics department, faculty of medicine, Aswan university Prof. Mohamed Salah Al Dein Fahmy. It was lectured by Prof. Mohammed Salah Al Dein , prof. Mahmoud Zakhera, professor of obstetrics in Assiut university and was coordinated by Dr. Mohammed Anan and Dr. Amr Shehata, lecturer of obstetrics.

It handled the following themes:

  • Why to use Laparoscopy in Gynecology.
  • To which female shall we use Laparoscopy?
  • How to identify and use up-to-date equipment?
  • The safe way in using laparoscopy.
  • How to deal with the side effects that may appear when using laparoscopy?

Under the supervision of Prof. Mahmoud Zakhera and Prof. Abdo Saieed, a practical application on 6 cases was done.

Tomorrow the workshop will handle the obstacles and the side effects in using Gynecological laparoscopy followed by a practical application on the last 4 cases.

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